Come check out our blog full of music reviews, interviews with musicians and other figures in the metal community, as well as very open minded editorials from different writers and members of the metal community. We have a growing team of contributing writers, photographers and videographers of all ages within the international scene.

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We will begin adding more music video content featuring affiliated labels, promotions and bands from all over the world. We cover all genres and nothing is too explicit to be seen here! Soon we will be offering original video content on our YouTube channel as well as working with other metalhead youtubers in bringing you the best original content available!

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We have open pre-orders for our first Metalhead World T-Shirt! We have plans on releasing even more merch as it becomes available. We don’t do any online outlet markets like Zazzle. We order everything ourselves and ship it to you ourselves so we can ensure complete quality in our items.

We also plan on opening online distributors in other areas of the world so you can purchase our merch without the overpriced hassle of dealing with international shipping. More details on that as they become available!

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