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"There Aren’t Formulas, Only Heart..." An Exclusive Interview With Voodoo Zombie

“Since the release of their full length album “Reviresco”, Batcave Records artists Voodoo Zombie has gained quite a bit of international attention with their fast paced, Latin infused, Rockabilly style. We caught up with Katona Kat and Sexbasstian and talked about the reception to the album and the "Contagiados", where Katona learned to sing so well, and how the international momentum hasn’t changed their lives much in Chile…”

Top 5 Inspirational Bands Of 2018

It’s been a heck of a year as far as rock and metal music is concerned. I myself awoke out of my Metal slumber and dove back into the scene and still going deeper, so this list is going to be very special for me. These are not chronological or best to worst, just the top 5 inspirational bands that brought me back into the rock and metal scene in the past year. I would go so far as to say there would be no Metalhead World without these bands.

5 Random, Yet Awesome Bands With Female Growlers

Today we are showcasing 5 of many bands with a female vocalist ripping the vocals. Worldwide, women have stepped up in metal music in many aspects. From being at the front of some brutal, driven riffs, to behind the scenes managing an act they believe in. Here are 5 current bands that are doing their part in this decades long phenomenon.