Exclusive Interview with Mute Tales [Germany]

Exclusive Interview with Mute Tales [Germany]

Hi, I am Seki and I will conduct a very special interview with a very special band called "Mute Tales". They are some of my closest friends and thanks to Metalhead World, I have the opportunity to showcase them to you, the audience! So without further ado, let's rock!


Seki: I am here with the band Mute Tales. They skyrocketed from 0 to 100 and played in the weirdest locations there are in Hamburg, Germany. They are a very sarcastic bunch, so take everything they say with a little pinch of salt.

*Salih under his breath* Yeah man. 

Seki: Tell us about yourself guys. 

Mute Tales:

Mute Tales is

Salih: My Name is Salih, 22 years of age, and I am the drummer for band Mute Tales

Nico: I am Nico, 21, and I am the singer for Mute Tales and Vioxis

Burak: I am Burak, also known as Burak Kurt. I play the bass and I also do the background singing. 

Yannick: And I am Yannick, 20 years old and I play the rhythm guitar in the band. 

*Burak from behind* I AM ALSO 20! 

*all* SHUT UP 

Seki: You've played inside a bank and in the Clochard: Which of these 2 locations was the weirdest? 

Salih: I have to say, both are very weird locations. I already knew the Clochard because I already played there with Burak and our old band. The Clochard's audience requires you to get used to. The people there are very sketchy the least, especially because of their consumption of various substances. The Haspa is the total opposite: It's uptight but very much fun to play at a bank branch.

*Burak Burps*

Burak: Yeah, I can second that, because I already played the Clochard with Salih. The bank was indeed the weirdest place because you don't expect a band to play there. I just found it to be very funny, how cool the people reacted - it was major fun. The people that work there gave it their all and cheered us.

Nico: Generally speaking from the outside, it was weird playing in a bank, for sure. Especially because everyone asked us "are really going to play inside a bank?". You don'that expect a question like this on the Kiez. But nonetheless, was the Clochard the weirder place of them both, because of the people there.

*Nico laughs*  When You go inside there and you see a drunk homeless guys that shit his pants getting dragged away so you can set up your stuff for the gig, speaks for itself. 

Yannick: I would say the same thing. The Bank, yes, was very uptight thinking about that, and yes, it's the most unusual thing that could happen - playing in a bank as a Metal Band. That's totally absurd. But I have to say that the Clochard was very, very weird. Like Nico already said, if a poopy-pants homeless guy occupies the space you need to set up your gear, that really does not speak for the location. 

Seki: If that success continues: Where do you see yourself in 1 years time?

Salih: Definitely on the Moon 

*Everyone laughs* 

Yannick: Oh man. 

Nico: But I would say the way it is going right now - 

*Burak Burps - again*

Nico continues: that we will do more gigs on the Kiez and 1000 Steine. Maybe there will be more opportunities in the future, maybe small festivals.

Yannick: and more recording sessions in the studio. New songs, new recordings - all that stuff. 

Seki: You were also featured in local- and in a national press release. Does that make you boastful? 

Inaudible thinking*

Burak: I will say that, that I expect from me to become famous. I am the best, I am sorry. But- 

Nico: Let the lead singer talk for a second, bassist. 

*Everyone laughs* 

YannickBurak, you're out of the band. 

Nico: Generally, I already was an arrogant piece of shit before. So nothing has changed for me. But for real, we are going to use this as a step stone to put in more energy into our music. We were all stoked to be displayed in the press. That was indeed a highlight for us. And that in hindsight inspired us all too much more, do more gigs and maybe get displayed in the press once more. 

Seki: Some of you play in multiple bands: Would you neglect one, if not all bands if Mute Tales would get off to a flying start? 

Salih: Nope. I love the other bands as much as Mute Tales. The cool thing about Mute Tales is, that we are 4 dudes with the same goals, best of friends so everything comes together. I would not neglect the other bands, I can't imagine that ever happening because you can always find time for them too.

Burak: I also think that it would not change at all, I play in 4 bands in total, (Neuroleptic, Vioxis, Pottrock and Mute Tales) and it is just fun to practice and spend time with the guys. I don't do that to become famous. But then again, if a band requires me to spend more time with it, I can probably manage, But I would totally not quit another band because I can do more stuff with another band. They are all fun. In the case of the band

Neuroleptic” for example, the music and other stuff is mostly made by me - and it is always fun showcasing your own creativity - writing and performing. It is always good to have variety where different people do different stuff.

Nico: For me it would be the same thing as if you would have 2 kids, and one of them would become famous, would you neglect the other one? That would not work for me. Every band I am in, Mute Tales and Vioxis, has its on fuel that motivates me and pushed me forward and it gives me different genres of music. It gives me the opportunities to express my self more, that makes it all so special to me. And yes, If we were to break through with Mute Tales, it would require more time, but that has to do with time management - so you can still invest energy into something else.

Burak: And what does Yannick say about that?
Yannick: Fun fact: I only have 1 band! 

*Everyone laughs* 

Yannick: I don't plan to play for another band in the near future, because of my time constrains. So that's out of the question for me. 
Salih: Interested in playing for a 2nd band? 
Yannick: Yeah, let's start up another band! 
Salih: Mute Tales 2. 

Seki: Are we going to see you on a festival next year? 

Salih: That would be legit. Do we have anything planned? 
Nico: We are trying to apply for the Billstedt Festival.
Salih: If we don't slack of, practice and apply for that festival, we should and could play on the Billstedt Festival. Also in summer there are the Wilhelmsburg 48h Open-Air gigs, so come by and enjoy!
Burak: I would not say, that we will play on the Hurricane or Wacken Festival -probably the year after. 

*Audible Confusion mixed with laughter*

Burak: But for now we are looking forward to play on small, local festivals for sure. 

Seki: How can people reach out to you and listen to your stuff? 

Salih: Facebook, you can cli- 
Yannick: Not to be confused with the band "Mute Tale" - without the "s".
Salih: Yeah, there is another band called Mute Tale, that is present in other countries outside of Germany
*Yannick from behind: "THEY SUCK haha"* 
Salih: They have a chick as lead-singer, that's not us. We do have a chick, but her name is NicoNicolle

*Everyone laughs* 

Salih: But yeah, Facebook, there you can find soundcloud etc. Instagram @Mutetalesband and Email: mutetalesband@gmail.com 

Burak: Also a YouPorn-account. 

Seki: Any last words? 

Salih: Listen to our stuff if you love Rock music that pushes you forward, it has deep elements in music and lyrics. Just listen to it. 

*Yannick turns into an air horn: NI-NI-NI-NI-NI-NICO!

Nico: Yeah, I can second that. Our music is sick, not to be a dick. We are a lot of fun live, and I also take of my clothes. 

Burak: You should really listen to Metallica. But jokes aside: Just listen to our music. But by the way: do you know any other band that has ever played inside a bank? Didn't think so. (Except the act before us but let's scratch that out of our memories.) We are fun people, have fun. 

Salih: And Yannick has a big beautiful cock.

Seki: That's it ladies and gentleman! You can reach out to me on Instagram. I may do more of these interviews in the future so stay tuned and BAP, BOOP, BEEP

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