Angela Gossow Issues A Final Statement: A Different Look At The Arch Enemy Photo Scandal

Angela Gossow Issues A Final Statement: A Different Look At The Arch Enemy Photo Scandal

Arch Enemy - Nemesis back when Gossow sang for the band.

Angela Gossow, head of Kult Management and Arch Enemy’s manager released a final formal statement on her official Facebook in regards to the recent photo scandal that recently shook the metal community as many have turned on the band and Gossow in regards to a private business conversation being made public.

Dear whoever is interested in the subject,

I am reacting to the bully rally this photographer has set lose with his well crafted (he took 6 months to get it done and released), well timed mash up of different subjects at hand.

The details often get lost in the emotion of the narrative - and the narrative is often controlled by who presents the story first. Mr photographer threw a bunch of different things into one pot and highly emotionalized it. Lets differentiate:

1) Copyright issue. Arch Enemy did not post any of his pictures, no breach of copyright there. 
Alissa only re-tagged his image and got written permission of said photographer and actually got asked to re-post, after she fearfully removed the said photo. She refrained from doing so.
Conclusion: Zero involvement oft he band or Alissa in any of the addressed matters. Leave Arch Enemy and Alissa out of it.

2) Thunderball clothing / Marta: The lady re-posted the picture and said ‘thank you for wearing my custom made outfit’ along with it. Copyright breach, as this can be interpreted as commercial use. Not intentionally, because she wasn’t aware of that fine line - a lot of people on the internet are not actually. Anything you re-post is a breach of copyright actually. She removed as well immediately. She did not react to the donation request because she was not sure if its scam. Donating to a cancer research fund is not going to buy her the rights to use the photo commercially. Only a paid invoice to said photographer would do. So why didn’t he just invoice the 500 EUR and went ahead and donated it to said charity? That would have been much more transparent in every aspect.

The internet hate campaign has destroyed Marta’s business – all existing customers have cancelled their orders and/or returned their orders. She has received numerous death threads, accusations of being a Nazi and worse. She has closed her shop she built up for 8 years over this. Is mistake really that severe to justify this? NO. Is it justified to destroy an artist over this? NO.

3) Angela Gossow, management:

This is an unfortunate situation and a private business conversation that was never meant for public consumption (unethical and contrary to the code of conduct for European lawyers) was being abused for this campaign. I was doing my position in my efforts to aggressively represent and protect my client and her business partner. I’m sorry that this has been made public and the issues are now misconstrued. I am personally shocked by the fact a business dispute turned into such a destructive wave of hate.

The claim I had him blacklisted with all agents, festivals etc is false! I did inform my circle of people I do not want him in the Arch Enemy photo pit again. I did not ask any promoters, festivals, magazines or whoever to ban him. Mr. photographer, give me one person who has removed you from their payroll because of me. Nobody? Thank you.

Why I changed some words in my previous posts – I received a legal letter from said Mr. photographer asking me to, otherwise he would pursue me legally for my wordings. The same happened to Alissa and Jeremy Saffer, who took his entire post down. So those going out on the fence defending us are being silenced. Freedom of speech? No, I don’t think so. I am sure I will have to edit some of this post as well because I expect to receive a legal letter from him again within the next 24 hours. Just saying.

Oh, and I took away the word sheep because those people who damaged Marta beyond repair, who are threatening Alissa and me in very serious ways are not sheep – they are much worse. They are bullies.

We wish to move on from this and wish Mr Photographer the best with the career.

You are welcome to discuss on my facebook page – no comments disabled. I will not tolerate any threats concerning my person, my family and my friends. These will be pursued.

Thank you for your time to read this.

Angela Gossow

PS – here is Marta’s statement:

As many of you seems to follow this story, here's an update, and a final statement (you can see my previous statement and an apology from December 28 in my previous post).
The photographer, J. Salmeron, accepted my apology for reposting the photo he took, without having his permission, and as this was his request, I made a donation to the charity organization of his choice (the Dutch Cancer Society). I believe we can say this ends the dispute between us.
However, as I'm not able to handle the amount of hate and threats that I received and keep on receiving, I decided to do what I think is best in this situation. To end the being known as Thunderball Clothing (it's hard to use a word "company" here, as since day one it was just one person - me). I apologise for not being strong enough, and for not being next Internet hero that keep on saying "haters gonna hate". Within last 2 days I received literally hundreds of comments and messages that I'm a whore, a nazi, a communist, a worthless cunt, and that I either should quickly die, or that I should kill myself. There is no anger in me, and I apologise everyone that felt hurt or upset by this situation. Anyway, there is no Thunderball Clothing anymore. You won.
Marta Gabriel, Thunderball Clothing

It seems that the damage caused by basically being crucified in the court of social media opinion has destroyed someones self employed business due to the nonstop harassment sustained over the blog a lawyer/photographer posted a few days ago calling the band out over what seems like simple miscommunication.

There are things that these people just aren’t considering:

  1. Arch Enemy is not just a band, it’s basically an established worldwide brand. It’s Gossow’s job to put out fires caused by the mere mention of lawyers or people saying they are lawyers and try to scam them out of money. Being at the status Arch Enemy is, they deal with every scam in the book almost on a daily basis. It’s the nature of the beast. I can easily see how on their end Arch Enemy and management see the word “lawyer what should I do?” and the reaction being to shut it down and Gossow and current singer Alyssa White-Gluz attempted to handle the situation in an attempt to protect a client who was just proud her clothing design was being shown for the world to see considering not many photos were taken because of the rain.

  2. There is an established code when it comes to music journalism (and lawyers). Musicians are private people just like any other public figure. For a member of the music media to expose what was meant to be a private discussion in regards to a possible legal situation involving the band and Thunderball Clothing is somewhat disgusting behavior as member of the same underground media. While I do see where a small boundary line was crossed on Thunderball’s part, I don’t personally think any harm or deceit was intended. Just typical photo sharing that happens everyday. Some photographers appreciate the nod, but there are always bad apples that want what they feel their fair share should be and use legal maneuvers in doing so. I am of the mind that the photographer tried to use the legal system in these past months and didn’t have anything to stand on. So he went the route of public opinion which is the mess we see before us.

  3. Last year, Otep went under fire when a supporting band put the band and more notably their singer Shamaya on blast after getting kicked off of a tour with them after a dispute over merchandising. The blowback was very similar to what Arch Enemy is going through, but not as intense as Otep is still going strong. After being called out, Shamaya did an extended live Q&A on her tour bus on her Facebook to address the situation and stood her ground much like Gossow and Arch Enemy are doing through social media. And that is not the only public scandal Otep has dealt with.

  4. This is most important. Respect. Gossow and company has spent over 2 decades giving us metalheads great music as well as influencing many other aspiring artists in the modern metal scene. This is not to say that legally the photographer (also an artist) should not be compensated by Thunderball Clothing, as he and the company came to an agreement, so as far as this writer is concerned, the issue of compensation is dead. I personally don’t think it is right since the photo was removed upon notification of infringement, but reparations are reparations and I am sure Thunderball Clothing is just doing their part in trying to calm things down a little.

    For people to turn their back on the music over such drama is against everything that being a true metalhead is about. As lovers of metal music it is our duty to forgive and defend the musical creators that help shape the metalhead culture and lifestyle. Arch Enemy, as well as Gossow, deserves this for all the blood sweat and tears they have given.

    While I think the situation could have been handled better by all parties involved, I still stand by metal and it’s creators. To me, it’s what’s right. It’s what being a true metalhead is about. I am proud to say such.

So with all this in mind, if you are soured on the band because of this scandal, then that is your choice, but please allow listeners of Arch Enemy the space to continue enjoying the music they love and respectfully give the band and their management, as well as their sponsors, room to regroup. As lovers of metal music, it is our job to watch each other and not judge each other.

What do you think?

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