Exclusive Interview With Decayer: One Of Arizona's Greatest Exports

Exclusive Interview With Decayer: One Of Arizona's Greatest Exports

With a well received EP, The Agony Cycle, that helped earn the spot of “EP of the year in 2018” in the Arizona Metal Awards, as well as establishing themselves in the underground metal scene, Decayer is definitely gaining momentum as this year draws to a close. We sat down with Decayer to discuss their album, the metal scene in AZ, where they come from, where they are heading, and more!

MHW: Thanks for taking the time to speak with Metalhead World! Let us congratulate you on winning Arizona State EP of the year with The Agony Cycle! It seems the Arizona metal scene is growing, so you definitely earned bragging rights! How is the scene in Arizona?

DECAYER: Thank you! It means a lot to us that people considered us to be among so many great musicians that are just killing it in our scene!

The scene in AZ is great and we feel lucky to be a part of it. What we like most about it is how diverse and welcoming it is. We play shows all the time with bands ranging from metal to prog to hardcore and everything in between and every time we are blown away by the brotherhood that is constantly developing between all of the bands.

Decayer is: Harrison Burkardt (Vocals), David Scordato (Guitar), Devon Marr (Guitar), Taylor Bayless (Drums) and Keith Huffman (Bass)

Decayer is: Harrison Burkardt (Vocals), David Scordato (Guitar), Devon Marr (Guitar), Taylor Bayless (Drums) and Keith Huffman (Bass)

MHW: For any metalheads out there that doesn’t know much about Decayer, tell us a little about yourself. How were you guys formed? What are your core musical influences?

DECAYER: We formed in late 2016 by our vocalist, Harrison Burkardt, and guitarist David Scordato. Our goal was to approach heavy music in a new way without worrying about labeling or restricting ourselves to specific subgenres and bring in multiple kinds of influences. After bringing in our drummer, Taylor Bayless, and bassist, Keith Huffman, and eventually guitarist Devon Marr, we hit the ground running and have been going nonstop with writing and constantly trying to take ourselves to the next level. As far as musical influences go we are influenced by several, each of us bringing something different to the table which is why feel that our music is diverse and ranges between genres. Some notable influences include Fit For an Autopsy, The Acacia Strain, Meshuggah, Crowbar, Gojira, and Kublai Khan.

MHW: What types of influences or inspirations went into the songwriting and lyrical content of The Agony Cycle?

DECAYER: For The Agony Cycle, we drew from our influences and wanted to put out a release that was the next step after our first EP. We brought in more groovy and catchy choruses with heavier breakdowns as well as incorporated 7 string guitars to expand on our music and to add depth.

Lyrically, we drew from actual life experiences that we felt offered something for audiences to connect to on a personal level. For instance, our track “16 Roses” is about Harrison’s sister who tragically passed away at the age of 16 and how it affected his mental health.

Pray For Plagues.JPG

MHW: You have a cover song along with a video coming out in January. Can you tell us more about that?

DECAYER: Our label, We Are Triumphant, put together a tribute album for Bring Me The Horizon’s “Count Your Blessings”. We recorded and filmed a video forPray For Plagues and are very excited to release it!

MHW: Which seasoned bands have you done shows with? Do you try to learn from these artists?

DECAYER: We have played with a wide variety of bands to include Of Mice and Men, Cattle Decapitation, Bleeding Through, Fire From the Gods, So This Is Suffering, Falsifier, Insvrgence, Goatwhore, Filth, Gideon, Varials, Allageon, Wage War, and more. Absolutely every chance we get we try to draw on the experience and knowledge of these amazing bands that we have the opportunity to share the stage with.

MHW: With such a momentous 2018 coming to a close, what is something you are taking with you moving forward?

DECAYER: We are continuing to put everything we have into this and bringing our work ethic and drive moving forward.

MHW: What type of plans do you have going into 2019?

DECAYER: In 2019 we plan on releasing our first full length album, along with music videos, and to tour! Information on those will be coming soon!

MHW: If you were headlining at a German metal music festival and you could book any 3 bands, past or present, who would they be?

DECAYER: The Black Dahlia Murder, Slipknot, and Meshuggah for sure!

MHW: Thank you again for speaking with us! We hope you have yourselves a nice holiday season and a great 2019. We wish you the best going forward! Is there anything else you would like to add?

DECAYER: Thank you so much for reaching out to us we are always happy to answer any questions and put ourselves out there as much as possible. Hope you guys and everyone reading has a great holiday season and an awesome new year!

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Listen to Decayer’s The Agony Cycle on Spotify, Google Play, and Deezer. Decayer is a We Are Triumphant Records artist.

Listen to Decayer’s The Agony Cycle on Spotify, Google Play, and Deezer. Decayer is a We Are Triumphant Records artist.

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