Metalhead Arts Project: Keith [England]


When you think the word “art”, many instantly think paintings, drawings, music, maybe even album art. But England’s Keith Thompson, owner and one man business For The Fly leather wear, expresses himself by modifying leather jackets and the like for well paying customers. No piece is the same and he can make your gear fit your personality. With the utmost kindness and professionalism, Keith is a very open minded person to work with.

Keith and I decided to share a virtual morning cup of coffee and I asked him about his music tastes, goals and the conceptual process of his work in regards to his For The Fly brand.

Metalhead Arts Project: Julia [Eastern Europe]

"A pastime in Eastern Europe for some people is spending days doing what is called “Urbexing”, or “Urban Exploring”. For example, visiting long abandoned places. Through these places, a young and aspiring Metalhead photographer carries on this pastime documenting her time there.

We sat down and spoke with Julia, who photographs these abandoned places, capturing the energy left behind through her own lens of dark image visualization."

"...A Music Against The Current, A Different Music For Different People..." Forest In Blood Interview + Stream

French Hardcore mainstays Forest In Blood have been tearing through the scene for over 20 years influencing many acts in the more current Metalcore and Deathcore scene as well as the resurgence of the old school style of Beatdown Hardcore. Bart and Nech took the time to answer a few of our questions about the reunion of their original lineup, their new album Pirates, French politics and more!

"You Never Know What People Are Gonna Think. You Don’t Know If They’ll Love It Or Hate It": Peasant To A King - Senatus EP [Interview + Review/Stream]

Since the recent release of their EP Senatus, Ireland’s Peasant To A King have been gaining some nods within the established music circles. Artists such as Bruce Dickenson gave a thumbs up to the EP and the casual listener reviews have been no different. With both feet on the ground, running into an already fast paced 2019, the band took a moment to talk with us followed by a review of Senatus.

"...the theme of the Occult thus becomes a sort of 'provocation', and all of this is very Rock 'n' Roll": An Interview With 1782

"Since their recent release of their singe “She Was A Witch” new Doom Metal label Electric Valley Records recording artists 1782 have received a lot of attention and acclaim for not only a very Doom-centric track, but their social media campaign with their vintage style of dark art. Our own Brian Hopson sat down with 1782 to discuss where they came from, where they are going, and the impact of the Occult in music."

Sigh - Heir To Despair [Album Review][Spinefarm Records]

Hailing from the Pearl Of The Orient known as Tokyo, Japan, Sigh has always been known as always changing trying to push their own limits in songwriting. With their most recent effort Heir To Despair [Spinefarm Records], Sigh decided to take a different approach entirely. So how does Heir To Despair stack up? Mark Fisher fills us in!

High N' Heavy - Warrior Queen [Interview / Album Review] (Electric Valley Records)+

Electric Valley Records artists High N’ Heavy are what many categorize a “Stoner” rock or even the growing umbrella of Doom Metal. Whatever genre you decide to call them, they maintain a classic vintage sound that is a reminder of the essential root sound of rock. Today we take a look at High N’ Heavy’s new album Warrior Queen and talk with guitarist John Steele.

Hanging The Nihilist - Crow EP [Review]

After two years of songwriting and playing with and learning from other bands, doing other projects to refine their own talents, Hanging The Nihilist finally releases the fruit of their efforts with their debut EP, Crow. So how does this debut EP stack up to the juggernauts of the European Deathcore scene?

King Diamond - Songs For The Dead Live [Review]

Known for his makeup, his love of Satanism, and his magnificent falsetto, King Diamond has been spreading his own brand of epic metal across the globe, both with Mercyful Fate and as a solo artist, since the early eighties. His latest offering is double-disc live release called Songs For The Dead Live. Mark Fisher reviews.

It Follows - The Devil Put People Here [Review]

A new year is upon us and Polish Metalcore newcomers It Follows waste no time in revealing the fruits of a year in forming and finalizing their team with their debut effort The Devil Put People Here. With their crushing singles “Noose” and “Lynch”, It Follows has a lot of eyes watching to see how this album turns out as a whole. So is It Follows ready for the road to the big leagues?

Jinjer - Micro Album Review

“Jinjer is a Ukrainian Metal band with six releases under their belt (including this one). This is their first release since King of Everything, excluding a 2018 reissue of their second album, Cloud Factory. The band claim many musical influences and have toured alongside Arch Enemy and Cradle of Filth, among others, over the last few years...”

"There Aren’t Formulas, Only Heart..." An Exclusive Interview With Voodoo Zombie

“Since the release of their full length album “Reviresco”, Batcave Records artists Voodoo Zombie has gained quite a bit of international attention with their fast paced, Latin infused, Rockabilly style. We caught up with Katona Kat and Sexbasstian and talked about the reception to the album and the "Contagiados", where Katona learned to sing so well, and how the international momentum hasn’t changed their lives much in Chile…”