A Tribute To "Porno Witch" Mary Millington by Devil's Witches

Before Larry Flint and John Holmes and a slew of other vintage names that built the porn industry, there was Mary Millington who was not only an actress, but an advocate who fought for free expression up until her untimely death. Her cause and outgoing personality still inspire people to this day. With a new single “Porno Witch”, just released on the anniversary of her death, the band Devil’s Witches gave us a fitting tribute to one of the true pioneers of adult entertainment.

GEL Album Review [2019]

Some may know these New Jersey Punkcore natives as Sick Shit, but as GEL, they are ripping through the scene with their old school sound and non-stop shows in Jersey and surrounding areas. New review writer Daniel Gomez gives us his take on the recent release of their self-titled EP!

Exclusive Interview with 1782

1782 recently released their first self-titled full length album after a very fast track rise to notoriety in the Doom Metal scene stemming from their single “She Was A Witch”. Brian Hopson caught up with Marco Nieddu to discuss the new album, their goals [and gear!], the possibility of a tour and more!

Monje - Monje Album Review [2018]

Representing Buenos Aries, Argentina, young bloods Monje released their debut self-titled LP, releasing their own fuzz-filled sound into the passionate South American scene. With a summer of shows at the helm for the band, our new writer Ben Ambush fills us in on this 2018 release.